There are 3 reasons why ReHatch supports small to medium developers, property owners and investors in the pursuit of real estate development.

Real estate development provides employment

Thousands of workers are needed to build townships, office buildings, and commercial spaces; including the multiple downstream industries connected to real estate development. When the development is completed, the new facilities become the place of work of yet thousands again.

Real estate development generates economic activity

It was only a vast piece of grassland so remote that it was a place where bodies of salvaging and victims of crime where discarded. Libis, Quezon City is now a bustling community of affluent residential subdivisions, townships, retail, office and commercial development. Such is the economic activity and growth achieved by real estate development.

Real estate development improves land utilization and therefore increases property values

Through the application of technology, real estate assets may increase in value. This can be done by accelerating the development of new uses for real estate so that the assets will gain sufficient value to meet sufficient demand. In other words, it is making real estate more productive, more available, and therefore more valuable to the public.