We are pleased to announce the collaboration of ReHatch and Brokerspaces.com

We are all witness to the rise of blockchain technology and it is expected that the real estate industry will soon be disrupted.  There is much talk about “disintermediation” and that real estate brokers may become an endangered species. However, ReHatch believes that real estate is not just about properties, it is also about relationships and connections between people.  The role of real estate brokers may very well be modified by the looming technology disruption, but their role as connectors of people will never be extinguished.

ReHatch recognizes the value that modern day brokers provide to the real estate value chain. As such ReHatch has forged a partnership and collaboration with the Brokerspaces.com community of real estate brokers. The collab was made official at the Techtonic Summit 2018 last June 23, 2018 at SMX Manila.

ReHatch is a Funding and Investing Marketplace for real estate development that is soon to go public.

Brokerspaces.com is an online workspace for real estate brokers. It is not another real estate listing site but a platform for brokers to brokers and help with their business.

From right to left: Lea Paradero, CPO of ReHatch; Bongging Royola, CEO of ReHatch; Abigail Lim, CEO and Founder of Brokerspaces; and to witness the collab, Ruel Nopal, Founder and CEO of Raket Host PH.